Know all about Twins in the Auto sector: OEM & OES

OEM & OES Spares

Know all about Twins in the Auto sector: OEM & OES

If you are not familiar with automobile industry then it's quite difficult for you to distinguish OEM & OES products. If you are looking for car parts then it is helpful to understand the meanings behind these abbreviations.

OES stands for Original Equipment Supplier, while OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Most of the parts you'll come across will fit one of these categories. Most of the people are sometimes confused because the definitions themselves are actually so similar.

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An original Equipment Supplier part is made by the manufacturer who made the original factory part is made the original factory part for your vehicle model. On the other hand, an Original Equipment Manufacturer may not have made that specific part for your vehicle originally, but has an official contract history with the automaker.

To understand more, say for instance that your car's manufacturer contracts company A and company B for a certain part. A part would be considered OES, while company B's part (however identical) would be OEM. Automakers generally outsource the manufacture of a given part to multiple companies for various reasons. With more than one company making the same identical part, an automaker can ensure steady production without any risk of being held up by contractual disagreements.

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When it comes to function and performance OEM and OES parts are indistinguishable from one another because they’re all following the exact specifications outlined by the vehicle's designer given by Manufacture Company.

Counterfeit part manufacturers tend to go out of their way to make their components look as close to the real thing as possible, sometimes it's difficult to tell the gold from garbage. Sometimes these aftermarket parts sometimes even offer a technically superior alternative to official parts.

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As a general rule, purchasing the officially licensed part is safe. If still, you are unsure about OEM & OES, you can talk to a mechanic, or reach out to a Lala service representative to help you.




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